What makes Science Infinity who we are.

Our Mission

Science Infinity is a High School Volunteer run 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to spreading their knowledge to young schoolers (5th grade and above) in the fields of Earth Science, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry in order to give them early exposure to the advanced sciences. The funds raised from donations are used to fund various educational programs closer to home and around the world. Special funds are set aside to help underprivileged students.

Our Impact​

For nearly 9 years, Science Infinity has labored to advance science education worldwide. Our efforts have made a very tangible footprint that encompasses thousands of dollars in funds earned and donated and thousands of children taught in many global communities from America to Bangladesh. We hope to continue expanding the scope of our positive influence, living up to the “infinity” that embodies our organization’s name by going above and beyond. 

Our Values

Education: There is a concerning dearth of science education in many communities today, which especially hurts the underprivileged and contributes to a cycle of suffering and poverty in a modern world of technology. Through our educational efforts to help places and students most in need, we hope to end that one class at a time.

Passion: We firmly believe that students worldwide should be given an opportunity to not only learn but also love the various fields of science. Science Infinity does its very best to kindle that passion for the sciences by creating an environment where students’ learning and love of science can both thrive. 

Philanthropy: Another way we hope to realize our goal to promote education worldwide is by donating to causes that align most with our mission. Every dollar that you pay when you sign up for Science Infinity’s classes goes directly to supporting other organizations and charities seeking to help us in the global effort to forward science education.

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“I founded Science Infinity in 2012 because I wanted to spread my knowledge of and passion for Science to the younger generations. I knew a lot of communities of aspiring students out there simply don’t have the chance to learn–and at Science Infinity, we have since tried our best to gift them that chance.”

Arpit Ranasaria | Founder

Stanford University 24′, Redmond High School Alumni

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