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Science Infinity offers a wide array of classes that cover various scientific disciplines and subjects. Learn about what we teach and how we teach here. 

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How we're different

What sets Science Infinity’s classes apart from those of other science education organizations.

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What students say

If you don’t trust our word, see what our students think of Science Infinity’s curricula and classes. 

“I really enjoyed my experience with my Chemistry class. I wasn’t that really into science and stuff but the way the teachers at Science Infinity taught made learning the content engaging, fun, and easy. I felt like it was really helpful in letting me get a head start in preparing for a high-school level class.”

Camilo Montes, former 2019-2020 student

Student at Redmond Middle School

A carefully-crafted curriculum

If you don’t trust our word, see what our students think of Science Infinity’s curricula and classes. 

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Experienced teachers

Sometimes, seeking help from your peers is better than asking adults. They’re more relatable, sympathetic, and experienced in the learning process because they are doing it themselves. We guarantee that our student teachers, who are academically-exceeding & motivated experts in their specific field, can provide your student with a meaningful and quality education. 

Low-commitment schedule

Everyone is busy and so are our volunteers, so our class schedule is designed to be offered on weekends in a biweekly manner so that nothing is conflicted with school or other extracurricular activities. Attending every class also isn’t necessary, so to allow for maximum flexibility and minimum commitment while still learning effectively on a less-pressure schedule. 

1-on-1 private tutoring option

We understand that many students need more help than others and that some want more personal and concentrated lessons. Our class structure recognizes and has adapted to that, and so we offer 1-on-1 private lessons with students who especially need it. Learn more about how to request this by contacting us or registering for normal classes first and transition if needed. 

Interactive & fun style

Students learn best when their classes aren’t just boring, longwinded lectures. Thus, our classes have been structured to include a high degree of student-teacher interaction, whether it’s through inquisitive questions or buzzer round mini-competitions. Students who partake in our classes see their teachers not just as teachers, but as friends and mentors. 

Difficulty level system

Every student has unique learning preferences and is at a different stage of learning. To account for this, our academics are separated into two tiers of difficulty–beginner, which is perfect for students wanting an introductory-level but expansive glance at science, and advanced, which is suited for students desiring a rigorous yet rewarding course on challenging content. 

Trustworthy content

It’s normal to have doubts about the correctness of what you’re learning. However, our curriculums have deep roots in the most up-to-date and reputable scientific works, dissecting seemingly cryptic publications such as boring textbooks into simple yet comprehensive lessons and presentations that allow for both easy and authentic student learning.

Diverse subjects

Young students are still probing around to find their scientific passions, and that sometimes can be hard. To best introduce them to and cover the vast and full breadth of science, we offer courses in the most prominent yet varied scientific disciplines, such as biology, chemistry, physics, and earth/environmental science, letting students choose which interests them the most. 

Subjects we teach

Determine what Science Infinity disciplines interest you most and which levels you’re most comfortable studying in.


Subjects we teach

Determine what Science Infinity disciplines interest you most and which levels you’re most comfortable studying in.


Ideal for entry-level students

Beginner Biology

Introductory course focused on basic concepts and comprehension modeled after Biology by Prentice Hall

Perfect for someone with no prior experience or knowledge in biology but is interested in exploring the field for the first time



Beginner Chemistry

Chemistry 2 but focused on elementary comprehension modeled after Chemistry: 10th Edition, by Zumdahl

Perfect course for students who are interested in the various dynamics of chemistry but are still trying to learn the basics



Beginner Physics

Based off AP Physics 1 course but especially the introductory elements and modeled after Conceptual Physics by Hewitt

This is a great introductory physics course for younger students who have no prior experience while looking to get a beginner’s eye into physics.



Beginner Earth Science 

Based upon Earth Science 14th Edition by Edward Tarbuck; Earth Science 2 but taught at a more introductory level

This is perfect for a student who is looking to understand the fundamentals of Earth Science to take our advanced course.



This special class covers multiple subjects (above) and is occasionally offered throughout the academic year, with all Science Infinity students able to attend freely. Interdisciplinary lessons are short and non-recurring and are presented by volunteers with expertise in that particular scientific intersection. 


Best for experienced students

Advanced Biology

Condensed version of AP® Biology and modeled after Campbell Biology 9th Edition by Campbell and Reece

Perfect for students trying to get a head start on high school sciences as well as those just passionate about biology


Covers beginner topics, plus:

Advanced Chemistry

Based on AP Chemistry and modeled after Chemistry: The Central Science by Brown and Lemay

Perfect for students who are seeking to learn challenging but rewarding scientific content on the high-school level


Covers beginner topics, plus:

Advanced Physics

Builds off the AP Physics 2 course and modeled after University Physics Volume 1 Book by Sanny, Ling, and Moebs

This is a great course for those preparing for the USAPHO or non-calculus high-school content and those just passionate about physics. 


Covers beginner topics, plus:

Advanced Earth Science

Based on AP Environmental Science course and Earth Science 14th Edition by Edward Tarbuck; covers more in-depth topics

The perfect course for preparation for USESO and all students and will become a hugely important field in the coming years.


Covers beginner topics, plus:

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Classes start October 3rd.

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