Make an impact by starting a chapter near you

One of Science Infinity’s goals is to provide education to students all around the world, but to do that we need more science-loving High School Volunteers worldwide to start their own chapters. If you are such a student, and you are interested in learning more about how you can start your own chapter, feel free to send an email to

Benefits for both you and the community

Spearheading science education starts here at Science Infinity’s chapters, and establishing one is a win-win for all.

  • Feel Good.

    The warm feeling of spreading your knowledge to bright young minds and giving back to your community beats all else.

  • Gain Leadership Skills.

    An opportunity to learn how to effectively lead, market, and manage your own branch develops valuable leadership skills for the future.

  • Earn Awards.

    Science Infinity has the honor of being able to bestow the President's Volunteer Service Awards if you are eligible.

  • Give Back.

    A chance to run your branch of a Non-Profit organization and collaborate with others around the country to have a global impact and promote education.

A simple process that's easy to start.

For all interested chapters, we provide material, possible funding for rent, and anything at all that is needed.


First, start off by contacting us through or reaching out to us here! We will provide you everything that you need to get started from materials to registration forms. We have experience on how to get started so we will help you get students.


Next, talk to your friends and family and see if you can get a group of teachers/volunteers that want to start this branch with you.


Then, find a venue. The venue can be free or paid but you should be able to use it for 2 hours every week or so. If the venues you find need to be rented out, we can provide you the money to do so – at a reasonable price.


Last, Advertise! Go to your former middle schools and tell them about this. Advertise through social media as well! At this point, if you have contacted us and finished the previous steps, we will have created a registration form for your chapter on this website already, and you can send your students here.

Start a Chapter Now!