Making a Difference One Step at a Time

At Science Infinity, we do whatever we can to aid and promote education for all worldwide, whether that’s through generous donations to organizations on both national and international levels or funding our local communities.

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Local and Regional Efforts

We provided three $1,000 scholarships for seniors in the Lake Washington School District based upon merit. These were incredibly committed students who were excited about pursuing STEM in college. Every year we give out these scholarships to make sure that college is affordable to even those near our Seattle chapter. Learn more

From left to right: LWSF Official, Mukil Shanmugam, Ronak Jaisalmeria, Arpit Ranasaria

We donated $1,000 to both the Bellevue School District and the Lake Washington School District, which are based locally near our headquarters in the Seattle chapter. Funding education is our main purpose here at Science Infinity and we were ecstatic to be able to do this. Many students in our school districts weren’t able to afford food security so we helped pay for their lunches.

We donated $1,000 to Little Masters Club, a local nonprofit that shares our passion for the educational empowerment of the underprivileged, especially in poverty-stricken areas like China. This money went towards helping them create more awesome programs for students in the local Seattle area to travel abroad and learn. 

National and International Efforts

We had the opportunity to empower students in Bangladesh who weren’t able to keep their schools up and running. In partnership with Spreeha, we granted scholarships for students in Bangladesh. We also paid for the yearly expenses of 3 schools. We love donating to the underprivileged in other countries to help catalyze socio-economic change in places like India through education, one of our core beliefs.

Our goal is to help provide equal opportunity to all students, irrespective class or race to learn, grow, influence, and lead with support for Teach for America. We promote STEM education among all students, and we were excited to donate to this organization and make it happen.

Tracking our progress toward raising a total of $50,000 for charity.

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